• Liquid fluoride thorium reactorWikipedia

    The liquid fluoride thorium reactor (acronym LFTR; often pronounced lifter) is a type of molten salt reactor.LFTRs use the thorium fuel cycle with a

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  • Nuclear Power in IndiaIndian Nuclear Energy

    Nuclear Power in India (Updated April 2018) India has a largely indigenous nuclear power program. The Indian government is committed to growing its nuclear power capacity as part of its massive infrastructure development program.

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  • Nuclear fuel cycleWikipedia

    The nuclear fuel cycle, also called nuclear fuel chain, is the progression of nuclear fuel through a series of differing stages. It consists of steps in the front end, which are the preparation of the fuel, steps in the service period in which the fuel is used during reactor operation, and steps in the back end, which are necessary to safely

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  • Good reasons not to waste nuclear waste Mark

    For decades we have all been told that nuclear waste is an unsolved problem which makes future nuclear power development unethical because it will add to a toxic legacy left to poison our descendants thousands of generations into the future.

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  • Thorium Power Is the Safer Future of Nuclear Energy

    Jan 16, 2015· Why would you make a comment like this? Im an enviro lover and think this is a great idea. Producing clean energy that cannot be weaponized, has little by product, doesnt pump carbon into the air, and is in abundance globally is a fantastic idea.

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  • Topic 2: nuclear poweriMechanica

    Is nuclear power safe for humans and the environment? 4. Nuclear power is any method of doing work that makes use of nuclear fission or fusion reactions.

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    What you need is what we can do! In the future, Xinhai will continue to rely on three big supporting "technology, talents, management", adhere to the international development strategy, and concentrate on providing customers with modern, efficient, energy-saving mine overall construction and operational solution, to create international leading enterprises in mining industry.